Why Suomirata?

Suomirata benefits the whole Finland: About half of Finns live along the mainline. In addition, more than half of Finland’s jobs and more than 70 percent of education, research and innovation activities are located in its area of influence.

Suomirata will therefore have significant regional, national and global effects, which will affect individuals and society as a whole.

Regional effects

Thanks to Suomirata, transport connections will improve. It will solve mainline capacity problems and reduces travel times. Fast and secure transport links will bring different areas closer together, improve the accessibility of local businesses and expand people’s employment areas. Increasing track capacity will also allow local train traffic to emerge where it does not yet exist.

Nationwide effects

Suomirata will create sustainable growth. It will create new jobs and increase tax revenue, both during and after construction. Suomirata will increase low-emission alternatives for domestic transport, improve train traffic as a significant mode of transport for more and more people, and at the same time reduce the need for domestic flights.

Finland’s international competitiveness will increase thanks to Suomirata. The new line will connect Helsinki-Vantaa Airport as an integral part of long-distance train traffic.

Suomirata will bring Finland closer together by:

  • shortening travel times;
  • expanding people’s employment areas;
  • freeing up rail capacity, which will allow local train traffic to emerge even where it does not currently exist;
  • improving the competitiveness of the whole country;
  • creating sustainable, climate-friendly growth, jobs and businesses both during and after construction;
  • creating climate-friendly alternatives to travel within the country;
  • connecting Finland to the global airport network via a railway connection.